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Fat Bike Season is Here!

Fat bikes are game changer! Don't just watch winter go by, ride it out!

Rentals, guiding, and skills instruction - check out our Winter page for more info...

Want to GAIN THE SKILLS you need to HAVE MORE FUN on the trails?

Fresh Trails Mountain Bike Skills is here to help!

Ride with MORE CONFIDENCE, STYLE and FLOW in lessons customized and taught by a Certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor.

Are you and your crew beginners, just taking your first pedal strokes?

Or maybe you are an experienced rider looking to take it to the next level?

Fresh Trails Mountain Bike Skills offers an approach that yields the results you want quickly, so you can get out and enjoy your rides even faster than you thought possible!

Based out of Regina, we serve the province of Saskatchewan with first class mountain bike skills instruction at your local trails, and on your schedule.

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Quintin W

Mountain biking, like any sport, is made up of concrete skills that you can work on.

Only mountain biking, unlike a lot of other sports, has not had local-level coaches to help you learn these skills until more recently.

Eric clearly takes Mountain Biking Skills Coaching seriously. From sign up to skills training to follow-up, he is on it. And, most importantly, the skills training is excellent. I have been riding for well over 20 years (plus time on my bike as a kid) and was pleasantly shocked at how much I did not know. Shocking to discover how much I have to learn...pleasant to learn and improve. I am now making serious headway on the elusive manual!

I have had 4 sessions with Eric to date, 2 in 2019 and 2 in 2020. I learned new things every time, and I look forward to future sessions to keep the momentum.

Ron Z

Eric really moved my confidence up a notch or two. Really liked the progression from one skill to the next each new one building on previous ones. Also liked teaching style - explain, show how, observe and correct. Lesson met our objectives described at the start. Thanks for listening to our feedback and answering questions.


Eric's lesson was fabulous. In just a couple of hours, he gave me so many suggestions that made me feel more confident and balanced right away, and I can see they will continue to help me as I learn to incorporate them a little better with each coming ride. Eric has great expertise, yet a gentle, humble, and client-centered way of sharing it. He's made the booking and paying process a breeze as well. Do not wait another moment to book your lesson!

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