Fat Bikes

FEB 13 at Buffalo Pound

Request your bikes HERE


Cost in Regina: $20/hour per bike

Cost at Buffalo Pound: $25/hour per bike

We transport the bikes to the trailhead for you - just bring your helmet!

HELMETS ARE MANDATORY - Please bring your own

** Rentals require appropriate weather and trail conditions and are subject to change. **

Sizes Available

One Extra Small - fits 4'4" to 4'10"

One Small - fits 5'0" to 5'6"

Two Medium - fits 5'3" to 5'9"

Two Large - fits 5'9" to 6'2"

What do I wear?

We can help you get it right! If you aren't sure, please ask. Being comfortable makes it a lot more fun!

You don't need all the fanciest high tech gear and probably have what you need in your closet already. Everyone runs at a little different temperature to be comfortable, so adjust accordingly.


A light toque under your helmet is often enough. Even when it's cold, you generate a lot of heat.

A Buff or neck warmer helps keep the drafts out. Scarves will work as long as there are no dangling ends that could be caught on passing trees.

Ski goggles can be nice if you have them, but are not necessary.


Synthetic materials are better since they wick moisture and dry better than cotton. Avoid cotton as it stays wet and will make you cold.

Wear layers so you can adjust if necessary. Getting it just right for the riding conditions is an art that you will learn the more you do it. In the meantime, plan to make adjustments to avoid being too hot or cold.


My hands almost always start cold, and within 15 minutes are very hot. Layers or a couple of different weights of gloves/mitts are recommended.

Gloves versus mitts is your call. Mitts are warmer but make operating brakes and shifting feel a little funny. Gloves can be cool. Pogies like BarMitts are a great compromise and let you wear thinner gloves while still shedding wind and keeping hands warmer. We have some to lend if you'd like to try them.


Wool socks are great if you've got them.

Boots with some insulation are great once you get below -10C, but can be too warm above that. Wear what you have. If you choose a low-ankle footwear option, gaiters can help keep the snow out and keep ankles warmer.

Where do we ride?

We want to get off the pavement and into the snow, and we have some great options close by.

Wascana Park

(in Regina)

A volunteer-maintained network of trails is groomed for easy access that can feel remote without leaving the city.


Rental bikes can be requested almost anytime for use in the city.

24 hours notice or more is preferred.

Bikes will be transported to and from a trailhead for you.

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

With warm up shelters, regular bonfires, and miles of groomed trails from easy to hard, BPPP has a lot to offer


Rental bikes are only available on pre-arranged dates.

Good weather and good trail conditions are required to make sure it's fun for you! Rental dates at BP are announced within 7 day window to have some confidence in riding conditions.

Pre-booking for Buffalo Pound is highly recommended. Bikes rent out quickly!